Great Cocktails Taste Even Better with Great Service; Here’s Why!

A fantastic cocktail selection is a great draw card for any bar and can keep you coming back again for more - but what’s that delicious cocktail worth if it doesn’t come with a great attitude and cheery smile from your friendly local bartender? Here’s why the Hoo haa team makes us one of the best bars on Chapel Street and why they’re about to become your favourite group of bartenders!

Service with a Smile

Nothing beats a skilled bartender who can mix your favourite cocktail or delight you with a creation you’ve never tried before. Add in a big cheerful smile and a witty, winning personality and you’ve got a killer combination. Our Hoo haa crew LOVE their job – and it shows! You’ll always be greeted with a friendly face when you come see us.

The Funky Look

At Hoo haa, we like to let our bartender’s shine; skills, style, personality and all.  We have no set dress code for bar staff and this means they can express themselves in their own individual ways and be happy feeling at home while at work.  Happy bartenders equal happy customers!

We Keep It Clean

One of the key factors in delivering quality service to our Hoo haa patrons is ensuring complete cleanliness throughout the venue. This includes the way we wash your glasses, quality control over cleaning regimens in all areas of the establishment and a guarantee that all instruments used to create your spectacular cocktails are spotlessly clean.

We Value Our Regulars

Are you a regular at Hoo haa? If so, you know our bartenders love our regular customers and we all value your contribution to making Hoo haa the fabulous place to eat, drink and dance that it is. You keep the good vibes rolling.  We remember faces and the cocktail orders that go with them!

Where to Find the Hoohaa Bar

If we haven’t sold you on our fantastic team yet, then come down and see them for yourself! Our bartenders are highly trained in mixing kick-ass cocktails, and we like to add our modern-day twists to classic recipes. Visit Hoohaa’s rooftop bar at 105 Chapel Street in Windsor. We’re ready to take your order!

Paul Kasteel