Kuku Mama is a casual restaurant inside Hoo Haa serving up modern American Asian food. Our food takes inspiration from American style food trucks, serving up cuisine from around the world. 


Every 2-3 months, Miss Kuku brings you new dishes inspired from her journey through 4 different countries. Get a taste of what we're dishing up on Instagram or Facebook. You can also hear from our happy customers on Dimmi.  



Half Price Locals Night

For 3181, 3182 & 3183 locals and workers. Receive 50% off food Tuesday nights from 5PM. 



Truck Stop India

Curry vegetable Samosas with house made green chutney (3) $6

Onion Bhajis dipped in a chickpea batter with cucumber riata (3) $6

DIY lamb Korma buns, pickled cucumber, roasted almonds & coriander (3) $12

Kuku’s butter chicken with fresh roti $13

Add turmeric basmati rice $4



Truck Stop Greece

Spinach & feta Spanakopita pillow $9

Saganaki salad with pickled red onion & lemon caper dressing $10

Grilled lamb Kofta skewers with rhubarb yoghurt (3) $9

Jim’s mixed Souva (lamb and chicken), crumbled feta & fries, drenched in garlic sauce $14



Truck Stop America

Tater Tots, animal style $7

Mini Sliders, beef patty, goat’s cheese & strawberry jam (don’t knock it before you’ve tried it!!!) (3) $12

Pink’s Hot Dogs, little boys, pickled onion, chili con carne, mustard & ketchup (3) $12

Add cheese $1.50

Great Southern dinner, fried chicken, corn bread, greens & BBQ sauce $15

Add Mac N Cheese $5

Key Lime Pie, lime jelly & whipped cream $6



Truck Stop Mexico

Yellow & Blue corn chips, guacamole & pomegranate $9

Elotes, Mexican street corn, Mexican cheese & crema $6

Triple cheese Nachos, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream & guacamole $12

DIY Tostadas, chilli con carne, green goddess, pico de gallo, iceberg & pickled onion (3) $12

DIY Fajitas, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos & Mexican 4 cheese (3) $14

Choice of: beef, chicken or vegetarian